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Group Classes winter special
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Group Classes winter special

Sport & Spinal Physio taking eggs to the head for Lifeline Canberra

By Craig Honeybrook

Well the tomato throwing never quite got off the ground. Apparently it had not been hot enough lately and so most of the tomatoes had remained fresh. There simply wasn’t any rotten tomatoes around and my local supermarket didn’t really want to let go of their fresh tomatoes. Nonetheless I was able to score 10…

Lock Up Your Boss For Lifeline Canberra

By Craig Honeybrook

Feel like throwing an egg or a tomato at me – well here is your chance. Although I don’t like the term “boss” and prefer being called the coach of the team of Sport & Spinal Physio, I am more than happy to be called this and worse for Lifeline Canberra in the 104.7 FM…

Knee Pain

I have knee pain! What to do from here – physio or imaging?

By Megan Curry

I’ve found recently there’s been an influx of knee pain injuries coming in to the clinic. Whether that be due to winter sports coming to finals time or if it’s just the flavour of the month? Hopefully this article can give you an idea of what’s the best way to manage your knee injury. From…


Quick Guide to Hypermobility – are your joints too loose?

By Natasha Rai

Joint hypermobility can be described as when some or all of a person’s joints have an unusual amount of extra movement in them. People with joint hypermobility can move their limbs into positions that most people cannot and very often are described as ” double jointed”. They can do things such as bending their fingers…

Today is work4significance day!

By Craig Honeybrook

Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy has a long history of being involved with SOS Health Foundation in donating funds as well as donating our time on health missions to improve the health outcomes of the disadvantaged indigenous communities in North East Arnhem land and Palm Island. Today we are being involved in work4significance day, which is…

Sprained Ankle

How to fix a high ankle sprain – ankle syndesmosis injury

By Jamie Clough

With the winter sports season reaching finals time, I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on those that have been unfortunate enough to limp through our doors, their ankle injury stopping them partaking in their favoured winter pastime. Ankles are the most commonly injured body part in a wide variety of popular Australian…

kids ballet

Top Tips For Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries in Dancers

By Anna Crosby

Pain free ankles and feet are crucial to long term success in dance. Particularly when dancer’s progress to pointe the strength and stability of the ankle and foot are crucial in preventing foot and ankle injuries. Current Research Despite this, research suggests the ankle is frequently injured in dance, accounting for up to 31% of…

Football female stretching

How to fix Heel Pain or Severs Disease in Children

By Megan Curry

A common cause of heel pain in growing adolescents, particularly those that are actively participating in sport is a condition known as Severs disease. While the suggestion of a ‘disease’ to your child may conjure up images of a life threatening disorder crippling your child, Severs disease is not nearly so sinister and can be…

Improve your pelvic floor

How to fix incontinence

By Nearida Siv

Incontinence affects many people in Australia, both male and female, and can significantly alter an individual’s quality of life. Although the definition of incontinence may vary from source to source, universally it is acceptable to base incontinence on the presence of involuntary leakage of urine or faecal matter. Incontinence can be seen as a major…

exercise during pregnancy

Best Exercise During Pregnancy

By Natasha Rai

There is overwhelming evidence showing that moderate and regular amounts of exercise during pregnancy are both safe and beneficial for mother and unborn baby. It has been shown that women who exercise during pregnancy have better health outcomes for themselves and their babies compared to women who do not exercise.     The benefits of…

best position for cycling

What is the best bike position for cycling?

By Simon Davis

We are pretty spoilt in Canberra with great bike paths and world class mountain bike facilities. Many cyclists are happy to pick up a new bike fresh from the store and ride it blissfully unaware whether or not they are in the optimum position to maximise efficiency and minimising injury. There are many factors that…

Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy in Canberra Times

By Craig Honeybrook

After I went to NE Arnhem Land last week, I decided that we should let the Canberra community know about our charitable works program in the hope that other Canberra businesses may contribute in some way for the disadvantaged Yolgna people. With this in mind, I wrote a media release with the help of the…