Musculoskeletal Screening


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Musculoskeletal screening (MSS) at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy, entails a series of physical assessments to determine the health and function of joints, nerves, muscles and other connective soft tissues. It is particularly applied to sports participation or those wanting to be more active but can readily apply to anyone wanting a full report on the health and fitness of their musculoskeletal system. Our physios, who have extensive experience in screenings, including working with ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS) and some national sporting teams, conduct our musculoskeletal screenings.

Our sport specific screenings are based on the national protocols for the sport. These protocols have been developed for the elite level but apply to all developing athletes who are training regularly in these sports. We believe that achieving the flexibility and stability benchmarks required for each sport in teenage years ensures that athletes are best placed to prevent injuries and enhance performance for the future.


What is involved?

A full medical history
Goal setting (lifestyle, activity or sports related)
Past injury assessment to see if there are any residual limitations
Injury trends analysis
Sport specific testing
A personalised physical assessment from a physiotherapist of: canberra sports physiotherapy for basketball injuries

  • Joint stiffness or laxity
  • Muscle and connective tissue flexibility
  • Muscle strength and weakness
  • Nerve mobility and function
  • Biomechanical alignment
  • Posture
  • Balance and proprioception



We collate our examination findings into a report for you and any relevant third parties (coaches, trainers etc) in an easy to understand format detailing:

  • any potential risk factors for injury
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • any recommendations for performance enhancement
  • input on training program design based on injury trends and goals

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Follow up

Depending on the outcome of your screening, our physios will devise a tailored exercise program to help you reach your goals, reduce musculoskeletal imbalances, prevent injuries and enhance performance. Follow up consultations may be required to address all issues.


Why choose us for Musculoskeletal Screenings?

  • Providers for ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS)
  • Extensive experience in screenings of national sporting teams
  • Our physios are active and regularly engage in sport themselves
  • We understand the biomechanical requirements for each sport
  • Injury prevention is one of the main focuses of our philosophy