First Visit

Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy Reception Gungahlin & City West


Congratulations on choosing Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy in Canberra City and Gungahlin for all your physio, podiatry, massage, hydrotherapy, and rehabilitation needs to begin your journey to recovery. We are one of the largest and most diverse multi-disciplinary allied health practices in Canberra. We are conveniently located in the Gungahlin town centre and Canberra City West.


New Clients

Physiotherapy Referrals

We pride ourselves on running on time, so please fill in the form that was emailed or sent to you as a text prior to your visit. Once all information has been provided your appointment time is completely devoted to sorting out your problem.


All new clients will need to fill out our Client Registration Form


What to expect?

At your first treatment session you will be given as much time as is needed for your full examination and treatment, usually approximately 40-60 minutes. At this session your therapist will;

  • Take a detailed medical history about your lifestyle, the mechanism of injury, aggravating and easing factors, past problems and any upcoming goals that are relevant.
  • Complete a thorough clinical examination to accurately determine your diagnosis.
  • Explain your diagnosis along with any contributing risk factors in plain english format.
  • Discuss your ‘recommended action plan’ involving you in the decision-making to make sure we are focusing on your biggest concerns
  • Treat your injury with quality evidence-based care (usually a mix of hands-on techniques and pain-relieving modalities)
  • Give any of your initial pain-relieving home-based exercises on a handout in an easy to understand format.
  • Let you practise your exercises at the clinic before you go home to ensure correct technique.
  • Provide any advice on medications or supplements to assist healing – any aides or braces; ice or heat therapy; sleeping position; any modifications to work, home or sport duties; and cross-training activities to maintain fitness.
  • If there is a need to refer you to other health practitioners not limiting a need for further investigations, a medications review or alternative modalities, then your therapist will discuss the reasons for this and answer any questions you may have.
  • A courteous follow up phone call within one business day following your initial consult to make sure you understand your diagnosis, the recommended treatment plan and are managing well with your exercises.

Using our unique ‘phase-based rehab system’, our goal at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy is to ensure that the underlying problem is corrected and you receive a lasting solution. This is why our “Recommended Action Plans” extend far beyond simply getting rid of the pain, and why we focus on informing you about your injury, the predisposing risk factors, treatment goals and prevention strategies. Ultimately, you will learn the tools to look after your health and fitness long after you leave our care.


What to bring?

All Clients

  • Please bring your Private Health fund card if you wish to claim for your appointment
  • Please bring your Medicare card if you have a Chronic Care Management Plan (EPC)
  • Please bring a copy of your DVA card (if relevant)
  • For lower limb injuries – previous orthotics and shoes (new and old)


Veteran’s Affairs Clients

Please note all documents mentioned, must be uploaded in your Client Registration Form or our Upload Referrals and Reports Form

  • A referral from your GP (on D904 form or the GP’s letterhead) stating the condition to be treated, GP’s provider number and date of referral.
  • Your white or gold card.
  • White Card Holders will need to upload a letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs stating the exact terminology for your accepted conditions. (Please note, your GP letter of referral alone will not suffice in this regard as it may be different from your stated conditions from DVA)
  • DVA clients will be required to pay for treatment costs at private rates until the above information is provided. Generally, DVA do not directly cover costs for physiotherapy support products, so clients will be required to pay for any physiotherapy support products themselves and seek reimbursement from DVA later, if eligible. In most cases we can invoice DVA directly for podiatry support products including orthotics.

Comcare and Workers Compensation (ACT and NSW)

The following information is required when completing our Client Registration Form

  • Name of insurer
  • Address of insurer (ACT or NSW)
  • Contact phone numbers for the insurer
  • Claim number
  • Claims officer name and direct phone number
  • Employers name and contact address
  • Letter from the insurer stating that liability has been accepted (A letter only stating your claim number does not guarantee that liability has been accepted)
  • If you do not provide the above information, you will be required to pay for your treatment at private rates.
  • Insurance clients may not be reimbursed the full amount from their insurer after paying our private fees. This depends on your insurer.


EPC – Enhanced Primary Care/Medicare or Chronic Care Plan

Clients are able to claim a portion of the consultation fee from Medicare only if they have the appropriate referral from their GP. This referral is called a Chronic Disease Management Plan which requires a GP to assess for eligibility. A referral form for individual allied health services under Medicare must be uploaded when completing your  Client Registration Form.
Please note we do not bulk bill.


What to wear?

  • Loose fitting comfortable clothing. Shorts or tracksuit pants for injuries below the pelvis. Singlet tops for neck and shoulder problems. We provide shorts, singlet tops and gowns whenever needed.
  • Sport and dress shoes for lower limb injuries (old and new)
  • Any orthotics for lower limb problems

How to pay?

  • HICAPS – bring your private health fund card for on-the-spot processing of any rebate
  • EFTPOS – Credit Card – Visa or Mastercard (we do not accept American Express)
  • Cash

For further details see Billing Policy