Post-Op Rehabilitation Physiotherapy


Success before work only comes in the dictionary

Post-op rehabilitation physiotherapy helps you get back on your feet fast. Surgery is expensive and time consuming, sometimes with long periods away from work and leisure pursuits. Surgery without rehabilitation can often lead to poor results. Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy can help you achieve a successful post-operative result with effective evidence-based rehabilitation. The earlier you start on a safe and structured treatment program the faster you can return to your work and sport activities. We work closely with surgeons from Canberra to ensure we get the optimal result for you.

Post-op rehabilitation physiotherapy usually occurs after orthopeadic surgery or neurosurgery. We have extensive experience working with Canberra orthopaedic surgeons and Canberra neurosurgeons. We liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific requirements for your rehabilitation and to ensure your progress is within the expected timeframe following your surgeon’s protocols.

physiotherapy rehabilitation for post-op

Sport & Spinal Physio provide quality post-op rehabilitation physiotherapy for clients from Gungahlin, Canberra City, and the wider Canberra community following common surgeries such as:

  • Shoulder Pain – shoulder reconstruction, shoulder stabilisation, rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, acromioplasty, manipulation, capsulotomy
  • Elbow Pain – tennis elbow release, golfers elbow release
  • Wrist & Hand Pain – carpal tunnel release, tendon repairs
  • Hip Pain – hip replacements, hip resurfacing, labral repairs
  • Knee Pain – knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, meniscus repairs, lateral release, patella tendon transfer
  • Lower Leg Pain – achilles tendon repairs, fasciotomy
  • Ankle & Foot Pain – ankle reconstruction, ligament repairs, arthroscopy, spur removal, bunionectomy
  • Spine (Neck & Back) Pain – discectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion/stabilisation

Many surgical procedures are performed via arthroscopy (key-hole surgery). If you have any joint surface damage a chondroplasty (debridement) will often be done to stabilise and smooth the damaged area. Fractures of any bones that are significantly displaced or unstable will require pin-and-plate surgery to stabilise your fracture.

Following surgery, joints often become stiff, muscles waste due to pain and disuse, and there may be swelling in the area. Early gentle treatment is often the best way to reduce these secondary complications. Your treatment program is progressed in accordance with your surgeon’s guidelines to get you back to full function. Our fully equipped onsite gymnasium is ideal for post-operative rehabilitation in regaining your optimal strength to return safely to work and leisure activities. Use of our gym is complimentary as part of your consultation.

Spinal surgery commonly involves removing parts of discs and/or bone to take the pressure off trapped nerves (discectomy, laminectomy). Following this type of surgery, your deep core muscles of your pelvis (abdominals, back and pelvic floor) and neck (deep neck flexors) are inhibited due to pain and become weaker. Research has proven that physiotherapy with real time ultrasound and dynamic core stability exercises is effective in restoring motor control, reducing pain and preventing future problems.

Physiotherapists at Sport & Spinal Physio use our unique ‘phase based rehab system’ to break down your post-op rehab program into easy-to-understand phases like control inflammation, restore movement, basic strengthening, and activity-specific advanced strengthening. This keeps you well informed of your current and upcoming goals for your injury rehabilitation. Our unique formula also allows you to work on the recovery of your injury between therapy sessions with a tailored exercise program.

We regularly update your surgeon and GP so that whenever you have review appointments with them we can provide them with a progress report. Post-op rehabilitation is a team effort and we work closely with you, your surgeon and GP to make sure your recovery is safe and effective.

For the best post-op result you need the best post-op rehab – come see us and we will get you back on track fast!