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Group Classes winter special
running shoes

What are the Best Running Shoes for Your Feet?

By Simon Davis

What are the best running shoes for your feet? In the last 15 years, there has been a huge increase in the variety of running shoes. However, with extra choice comes more decision making. How do you know which shoe is best for you? I’ll attempt to explain the different attributes of various running shoes,…

Glute Stretch Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy

Top 8 Stretches for Cyclists -Decrease Discomfort and Risk of Injury

By Simon Davis

Cycling can be an excellent form of exercise that offers numerous health benefits,  but avid cyclists can often encounter the challenge of muscle tightness which stops them from riding longer or more often. Furthermore these tight muscles can not only lead to discomfort but can also impact performance and increase the risk of injury. So…

Soccer injury main

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Recovery During Soccer Pre-Season

By Luke Vallone

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve realised you haven’t done as much preparation for pre-season as you’d hoped and unsurprisingly, your weekday mornings are made up of aches, pains and muscle soreness. So how can you make the pre-season much more manageable? What’s best for recovery during soccer pre-season? Recovery during soccer pre-season…


Top 5 Posture Tips for Preventing Headaches – How Physio Can Help

By Simon Davis

Keen to know that top 5 posture tips for preventing headaches? To be clear, we are referring to the type of headaches that physiotherapists deal with – cervicogenic headaches. If you are not sure whether you are suffering from cervicogenic headaches, have a read of this article . Otherwise, consult with your GP or physiotherapist.…

Barbell Back Squat Technique

How To Make Your Squats Better And Pain Free!

By Jordyn Garbuio

  Squats is an area that requires a good base of knowledge and understanding.  Unfortunately it’s not an area that gets much (if any) decent attention to detail for such a common movement that is performed in everyday life, and at all ages. Firstly, this article is for individuals to; Understand proper technique and how…

Rolling thoracic mobility back exercise

3 Causes of Lower Back Pain (and How to Fix Them!)

By Sam Bayliss

Back pain is VERY common, in fact up to 80% of people will have back pain at some point.(1) But not all backs are the same and there are different reasons why different backs have issues. Here we’ll go over three of the most common causes of back pain and, more importantly, how to make…

Simon physiotherapist bike fitting measuring canberra city and gungahlin clinics

Bike Fitting Explained: Do You Need a Bike Fit?

By Simon Davis

So you’ve heard of bike fitting but wondered to yourself, do you need a bike fit? Bike fits have become far more common in the general population. When I started doing them in 2011, the average cyclist really only wanted one if they had severe pain issues on their bike. These days, I get cyclists…

After care tips for remedial massage therapy back massage Gungahlin

Aftercare Remedial Massage Tips

By Tiffany Freeman

Here are 9 aftercare remedial massage tips for the best outcome following your remedial massage appointment. Remedial Massage therapy can be a wonderful way to unwind and release tension in your body. After a massage, it is important to take care of yourself to ensure you get the most benefit from the experience. Aftercare Remedial…

Lachie physio NSW gravity MTB series

Lachie’s NSW State Gravity Enduro Series 2023 (Mountain Biking)

By Craig Honeybrook

Lachie is one of our talented physiotherapists and when he’s not expertly healing and guiding our patients to recovery, you can find him conquering the trails as a mountain biking dynamo. Recently, Lachie took on the thrilling challenge of the NSW State Gravity Enduro Series 2023 and boy, did he shine! With sheer determination and…

Core Exercises for Fast Bowlers

5 Core exercises for Cricketers – Stay Injury Free This Season!

By Simon Davis

Try these core exercises for cricketers! Let’s face it, this is mostly going to refer to fast bowlers. Yes you need some core strength for spin bowling and batting but the fast bowlers out there are doing the brunt of the heavy lifting. But who amongst us can say their core is too strong? So…

Soccer injury main

How to prevent subsequent injuries and keep playing for longer

By Alex McKeough

So you want to prevent subsequent injuries, who doesn’t? Let’s pretend that you’ve ruptured your ACL and decided to have surgery. It was pretty tough at the time, and you hated sitting on the side line, but you’ve nearly got through it. You did all the rehab and now 12 months later you’re preparing for…

Want to be a Trail Runner? Top Physio Tips for Trail Running

By Simon Davis

Trail running is becoming more and more popular. With good reason. It’s a great way to keep fit and healthy. In Canberra we are spoilt for choices when it comes to trail running locations. If you’ve never ventured off the tarmac before here is a practical guide to getting into trail running from a physio…