Running Injuries: 5 Proven Steps to Fixing Your ITB

Running Group

The outside of my knee hurts when I run – what is it? With the outside air warming up, more people are seen taking advantage of the great outdoor running conditions that Canberra provides. I took advantage of these wonderful conditions last year, found the running really enjoyable, got out more and more, and increased my…

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What is Long-Covid, Recovery and Returning to Activity


My Covid Experience: I tested positive to Covid-19 with a rapid antigen on a Sunday, the day I first noted symptoms of Covid-19. My wife had tested positive on the Wednesday beforehand. My kids tested positive the day after me. Clinic-wise I feel that I hadn’t been a threat to anyone as I had been…

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PEACE & LOVE: Say Goodbye to RICE for Your Soft-Tissue Injury

soft-tissue injury management

PEACE & LOVE A recent editorial piece in the British Journal of Sports Medicine introduced a new acronym(s) for the care of acute injuries and their subsequent management. Here I would like to outline the changes that have taken place over the years in the understanding of basic soft-tissue injury management. RICE was the first…

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