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  • Physio
  • Hydro
  • Running Assessments
  • Bike Fitting
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Sports Physio



  • Remedial massage therapy
  • Myotherapy
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Deep muscle therapy
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point massage



  • Weight Management
  • Exercise Programs
  • Diabetes & Obesity
  • Surgery Rehab



  • Matwork Classes
  • Reformer Classes
  • Strength Classes
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Gym Access
  • Hydro



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Group Classes winter special

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exercise during pregnancy

Best Exercise During Pregnancy

By Natasha Rai

There is overwhelming evidence showing that moderate and regular amounts of exercise during pregnancy are both safe and beneficial for mother and unborn baby. It has been shown that women who exercise during pregnancy have better health outcomes for themselves and their babies compared to women who do not exercise.     The benefits of…

best position for cycling

What is the best bike position for cycling?

By Simon Davis

We are pretty spoilt in Canberra with great bike paths and world class mountain bike facilities. Many cyclists are happy to pick up a new bike fresh from the store and ride it blissfully unaware whether or not they are in the optimum position to maximise efficiency and minimising injury. There are many factors that…

Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy in Canberra Times

By Craig Honeybrook

After I went to NE Arnhem Land last week, I decided that we should let the Canberra community know about our charitable works program in the hope that other Canberra businesses may contribute in some way for the disadvantaged Yolgna people. With this in mind, I wrote a media release with the help of the…

Return to NE Arnhem Land: Charitable Works

By Craig Honeybrook

Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy has had a long history of playing an integral part in assisting SOS Health Foundation in providing physiotherapy volunteers as well as supporting the charity financially. Our practice had been involved in 3 other health outreach missions in the past, so when the opportunity came to volunteer in North East Arnhem…

How to fix Anterior Knee Pain

By Craig Honeybrook

Pain at the front of the knee and under the kneecap is a frequent complaint we see at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy in Canberra. This is commonly known as anterior knee pain. This discomfort can be due to conditions such as fat pad impingement, patellar tendinopathy (injury to the tendon under your kneecap) or more…

My Child Walks Funny – Do They Need Orthotics?

By Craig Honeybrook

Parents are often the first to notice that their children might walk awkwardly and they are not quite sure where to start with correcting the problem. It is often not a problem that the child will grow out of and the longer the problem exists the more difficult it will be to correct. Although parents…

Cycling and Core Stability

Cycling and Core Stability

By Craig Honeybrook

Improving your core stability can vastly improve your cycling performance. Although the concept of core stability has been embraced by the majority of health professionals for some time now, it is worth pointing out its importance with different sporting and training activities. A recent study printed in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” looked…

Beat back pain

Beat Back Pain with Some Simple Tips

By Craig Honeybrook

At Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy in Gungahlin Canberra, we see a wide range of clients with all manner of pain and injury – however a large part of our work is centred on dealing with low back pain. Here are some simple tips on overcoming and preventing back pain that will help keep you in…

Volunteer Program: North East Arnhem Land 2013

By Anna Crosby

The SOS Foundation Outreach Mission North East Arnhem Land August 2013. Why is Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy Involved? The practice regularly donates to community organisations. The staff is also encouraged to participate in volunteer work both locally and more widely as part of the practice’s charitable works projects and volunteer program. This volunteer program is funded…