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Ballet Dancer

Dancers: How to Fix a Clicking Hip – Snapping Hip Syndrome

By Anna Crosby

At Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy we treat young dancers from the local Gungahlin community and beyond. We have dancers from as far as Junee who come and have assessments and treatment for their dance-related injuries. A common complaint is the hip that clicks and this is known as Snapping Hip Syndrome. These clicks and other…

tennis grip tennis elbow tennis injury sport & spinal physio

6 Steps to Fixing Tennis Elbow Pain

By Craig Honeybrook

Could you be suffering from tennis elbow and not realise it? The most common kind of elbow pain is a condition known as lateral epicondylalgia – or tennis elbow. Ironically, you also don’t need to be a tennis player to get tennis elbow. Many who have suffered from tennis elbow, actually do not play tennis. It’s…

Sri Chinmoy 2015

Team Sport & Spinal Jindabyne Race Report

By Craig Honeybrook

I am proud to say that the Sport & Spinal Physio team excelled again at the Sri Chinmoy Multi sport event held at Jindabyne in March, 2015. The Sri Chinmoy race consists of 12 legs of running, paddling, mountain biking and swimming where competitors race around ( and in) the beautiful Jindabyne lake and the…

Foam rolling exercises

7 Easy Foam Roller Stretches To Do At Home

By Simon Davis

Have you ever wondered what those foam rollers are or how to use one effectively? If you’re looking for an effective way to give yourself a massage, then foam rollers are your friend. You may have noticed these cylindrical shaped foam devices in the gym or at your physio clinic. You may have also wondered how…

back to school

Back To School – FREE foot assessment and shoe recommendation

By Craig Honeybrook

Update: Our special offer is now over, but you can have your child’s feet checked at any time by our podiatrist, Cecilia Brennan. It is that time of year again when we start thinking about getting new school shoes for our children. Nonetheless, when we see children at Sport & Spinal Physio for a particular injury,…

physio visit to palm island

Another Physio Outreach Mission To Palm Island

By Jamie Clough

  I’ve never really been one to be nervous about anything, so the weird sensation I felt as I was driving to the airport to fly from Canberra to Townsville on 2nd November 2014 caught me by surprise. I was heading north to Palm Island, 65km north-west of Townsville, to spend a week volunteering as…

Massage offer

Christmas Massage Special Offer

By Craig Honeybrook

If you have a 60min massage this December and then have the same again in January – we will give you the January 60min massage at the same price as a 30min session. Plus if you “like” us on Facebook, we will give a FREE small wheat heatpack at your January session. To claim this…

Shoulder Injury

How to fix shoulder pain – physio or surgery?

By Jamie Clough

Shoulder pain and discomfort is prevalent within our community – and something we treat a lot at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy in Gungahlin Canberra. Epidemiology Research shows that: 1 in 3 people will experience shoulder pain at some stage in their life – with the incidence increasing with age 1-2% of the population attends the…

Sport & Spinal Physio taking eggs to the head for Lifeline Canberra

By Craig Honeybrook

Well the tomato throwing never quite got off the ground. Apparently it had not been hot enough lately and so most of the tomatoes had remained fresh. There simply wasn’t any rotten tomatoes around and my local supermarket didn’t really want to let go of their fresh tomatoes. Nonetheless I was able to score 10…

Lock Up Your Boss For Lifeline Canberra

By Craig Honeybrook

Feel like throwing an egg or a tomato at me – well here is your chance. Although I don’t like the term “boss” and prefer being called the coach of the team of Sport & Spinal Physio, I am more than happy to be called this and worse for Lifeline Canberra in the 104.7 FM…

Knee Pain

I have knee pain! What to do from here – physio or imaging?

By Megan Curry

I’ve found recently there’s been an influx of knee pain injuries coming in to the clinic. Whether that be due to winter sports coming to finals time or if it’s just the flavour of the month? Hopefully this article can give you an idea of what’s the best way to manage your knee injury. From…


Quick Guide to Hypermobility – are your joints too loose?

By Natasha Rai

Joint hypermobility can be described as when some or all of a person’s joints have an unusual amount of extra movement in them. People with joint hypermobility can move their limbs into positions that most people cannot and very often are described as ” double jointed”. They can do things such as bending their fingers…