Bike Fitting Explained: Do You Need a Bike Fit?

Simon physiotherapist bike fitting measuring canberra city and gungahlin clinics

So you’ve heard of bike fitting but wondered to yourself, do you need a bike fit? Bike fits have become far more common in the general population. When I started doing them in 2011, the average cyclist really only wanted one if they had severe pain issues on their bike. These days, I get cyclists…

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Stop Your Hands Going Numb on the Bike

carpal tunnel

“How do you stop your hands going numb when you ride?” is one of the more frequent questions I get when performing bike fits. It happens to both mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. Thankfully this annoying problem is usually fixable. We need to look at both your body and your bike setup. We know…

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Snowboarding Injuries: Tips for How to Prevent Injuries this Winter

Tips to prevent snowboarding injuries

Are you looking to prevent snowboarding injuries this winter season? In previous years I’ve written articles about preventing skiing injuries. You can find them here and here . This time I’ll focus on the snowboarders.  More specifically the benefit of protective devices for injury prevention.  There are still some similarities with preventing ski injuries. Most people…

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