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Lower Limb Strength - Canberra cyclist

Jim’s Lower Limb and Cycling Article in Canberra Cyclist Magazine

By Craig Honeybrook

We just wanted to note Jim’s article that he wrote for the Canberra Cyclist magazine late last year. It is a great read for any cyclist who wants to improve their lower limb strength and their cycling. Jim covers the main areas of the Calf muscles, Quadriceps, Gluteal muscles and the Hamstrings. He’s also included…

Become a better runner

13 Ways to Easily Become a Better Runner

By Nick Dewey

Become a better runner with my top 13 tips! I’ve got you covered with training, racing, running technique and race recovery tips to help you become a better runner. 1. Become a Better Runner and Look After Your Feet!

Plantar Faciitis Heel Pain

Heel Pain? The Secret to Fixing Plantar Fasciitis: We’ll Show You How

By Simon Davis

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get out of bed each morning and not have to limp to the toilet. This is one of the consistent complaints of anyone suffering plantar fasciitis. Chances are if you are reading this, you have had it for a while now. Most people we see in the clinic put up…

Plank on swissball isometric exercise

Top 7 Isometric Exercises and Why We Should all be Doing Them!

By Nick Dewey

Isometric exercise refers to an exercise that uses an static muscle contraction. This means that the muscle group being worked is under tension and producing a contraction but the muscle doesn’t change length. Therefore the joints involved do not move. Some actions within a wide variety of sports require isometric or static strength. Examples include…

Mummy's Thumb

Top Tips to Manage Mummy’s Thumb (de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis)

By Jamie Clough

It is a regular occurrence for us in our clinic to see new mothers come in with pain and irritation at the base of the thumb near the wrist. This often occurs within a few weeks of welcoming a new member to their family. Pain in this area is often due to Mummy’s thumb –…

Improve Your Golf Swing

Quickly Improve Your Golf Game: 4 Simple Strength Exercises for Golfers

By Simon Davis

So hopefully you’ve already read the article posted on flexibility exercises for golfers here. Now that you’re as limber as a Cirque du Soleil performer, you’re ready to get strong. This is where exercises for golfers is really important. Most people don’t think of golf as requiring much strength. Although if you hit 150 balls…

Nepal Physio on table

Charitable works: My Experience as a Physiotherapist Volunteer in Nepal (Part 2)

By Jenna Cartwright

In my previous article I discussed the reality of treating the Maidi people. I believe we certainly had an impact in specific areas but in others it was a lot more challenging. Here I will discuss how I think we helped and what I think needs to be done for the future. Dealing with the…

Nepal - Woman squatting

Charitable works: My Experience as a Physiotherapist Volunteer in Nepal

By Jenna Cartwright

In October 2018,  as part of the Charitable Work program at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy, I was sent as a Physiotherapist to volunteer in Nepal. I travelled to Nepal to volunteer in a very remote village, Maidi. Maidi is 4 hours out of Kathmandu. Mind you, 1 of these 4 hours was spent driving a…

pregant woman on fitballs

Exercise during Pregnancy – Top tips from your Women’s Health Physiotherapist

By Jim Fuller

Can you exercise during pregnancy? Firstly, congratulations on your big news! What a time to be alive! Now that reality is setting in, I wanted to reach out to expecting Mums in the Gungahlin region. Keeping up your regular exercise levels is crucial to you and your new baby’s health. By being guided by a…

Ballet Dancer

Lower Back Pain in Dancers: Know the Causes & How to Manage

By Simon Davis

Dance has become a highly participated activity with it’s own unique set of injuries. Consequently, we are seeing more and more dancers in the clinic. Particularly, lower back pain in dancers. From a physiotherapy perspective it is quite interesting treating a dancer as they usually have a high degree of flexibility and hopefully good strength.…

Beat back pain

Learn How You Can Manage Your Chronic Pain!

By Nick Dewey

Are you suffering from chronic pain? 1 in 5 Australians struggle with Chronic pain. Read how you can manage your chronic pain.     What is Pain Pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Many believe that pain is just a physical sensation. This is not the case.…

Breastfeeding and Mastitis

Mastitis: How Physiotherapy Can Help and Other Tips

By Jenna Cartwright

Are you expecting? Or have you just become a new mum for the first time? Mastitis is a common condition and this article will discuss how you can manage mastitis, including how physiotherapy can help you. First of all, congratulations! Revel in this amazing experience and enjoy every minute. But secondly, keep yourself informed so…