Best 10 Tips for Better Sleep

March 14 – 20 is Sleep Awareness Week, so I thought it was appropriate to talk about sleep,  how it affects your mind and body, and how to sleep better. Sleep is something most of us complain that we don’t get enough of. We all know that 8 hours is the magic number and that…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

What is the Medical Term for Jaw Pain? The anatomical name for your jaw is the Temporomandibular joint or TMJ for short. Temporomandibular joint disorders are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in your jaw and the surrounding muscles. Usually pain in the jaw is not a sign of a serious problem.…

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Understanding Your MRI Results For Lower Back Pain

Beat back pain

Lower Back Pain Is Really Common Understanding your MRI results for lower back pain is vitally important given the growing number of people sent for imaging each year.  Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries we see and treat in our clinics. An estimated 1 in 6 Australia’s have chronic lower back…

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Top 7 Isometric Exercises and Why We Should all be Doing Them!

Plank on swissball isometric exercise

Isometric exercise refers to an exercise that uses an static muscle contraction. This means that the muscle group being worked is under tension and producing a contraction but the muscle doesn’t change length. Therefore the joints involved do not move. Some actions within a wide variety of sports require isometric or static strength. Examples include…

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