8 Best Stretches for Snowboarders


Here I’ll cover  8 best stretches for snowboarders to help you play on the slopes longer and avoid injuries. Snow bunnies unite! The season for getting some fresh powder is upon us. I am positive everyone in Canberra has noticed the start of the really cold weather and that the ski season has begun early…

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Top 9 Holiday Tips to Optimise Your Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Dec 3 2021   Seasons greetings from all of us at Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy. Top 9 Holiday Tips to Optimise Your Health & Wellbeing Looking ahead to the busy holiday season, it is very easy to get out of your normal routine. The nature of Canberra whereby interstate travel is essential for many…

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The (5) Easiest Ways to Increase Your Incidental Exercise

Riding to work couple

Exercise can be hard any time of the year. It is particularly hard in the cooler months when the morning sun takes a little longer to rise, particularly in Canberra. That’s why incidental exercise is one of the easiest ways to keep you moving. There-in lies the key to this notion: movement. The more you…

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What is Chest Physiotherapy and how will it help me?

Chest anatomy chest physiotherapy

The start of 2020 had been shocking for Canberrans in terms of weather. Hazardous air quality indexes, car-destroying hail, record heat temperatures and too-close-for-comfort bushfires had led to an extremely unpleasant time. At the time, Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy, saw a real spike in terms of the number of people attending due to chest and…

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