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Knee Anatomy

Best Rehab Plan After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

By Jim Fuller

New knees! TKR! A bionic knee! Whichever you like to call it, a total knee replacement is fast becoming a very important operation within our society. Replacing a joint is a safe and effective procedure to relieve pain. Furthermore, correcting leg alignment and the ability to assist you to return to normal activities can be…

soft-tissue injury management

PEACE & LOVE: Say Goodbye to RICE for Your Soft-Tissue Injury

By Jamie Clough

PEACE & LOVE A recent editorial piece in the British Journal of Sports Medicine introduced a new acronym(s) for the care of acute injuries and their subsequent management. Here I would like to outline the changes that have taken place over the years in the understanding of basic soft-tissue injury management. RICE was the first…

Physio knee osteoarthritis

All You Need to Know About Osteoarthritis!

By Andy Chen

Everyone has heard of osteoarthritis (OA) but not everyone knows what it is. Although it is the most common chronic condition of the joints, most of the time it is not the cause of ones symptoms. This article will better equip you with the knowledge of OA and how to best manage it.    What…

Exercise Physiology core strength

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

By Alysha McNee

What is an Exercise Physiologist? An Exercise Physiologist is an allied health professional who has expertise in using evidence-based and clinical exercise interventions to treat your injury or condition. Exercise Physiologists (EP’s) complete a four year university degree and specialise in the human body. In particular, EP’s focus on the benefit of exercise on the…

Elderly couple exercising

Fall prevention: The 8 best exercises to decrease the risk of a fall

By Jim Fuller

April 1 is April Falls (Prevention) Day and the month of April is also fall prevention awareness month. This incredible initiative was designed to promote awareness of a problem that is only increasing in Australia in 2021 and beyond. The demographics of Australia indicate an aging population. The recent Royal Commission into the Aged Care…

shin splints shin pain

When should I replace my running shoes?

By Simon Davis

Running in old shoes is a common cause of pain and injury that we see frequently. But how old is too old? Well, the answer like most things is, “it depends”. Let’s try to make it easier for you to figure it out.   Why do I need to replace my running shoes? There are…

Diastasis Recti Diagram

Can I heal my Diastasis Recti?

By Jenna Cartwright

What is Diastasis Recti? Diastasis Recti is when your rectus abdominis (or your “6 pack abs”) separate in their midline. During pregnancy all women, yes ALL WOMEN, will have this separation, without it their will be no room for your baby! But not all women’s will return to their original position. Diastasis Recti can also…

pain in front of knee

I have ruptured my ACL! What happens now……

By Jim Fuller

An ACL Rupture – what is that 3-lettered acronym, A – C – L?  It is your Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It is a dreadful experience to tell someone in the clinic that you suspect that their Anterior Cruciate Ligament is “gone.” Naturally it is downright awful for the client. We live in a very lucky…

Tennis equipment

Heading for tennis injuries because of your equipment?

By Simon Davis

Yes, you are more likely to have tennis injuries with the wrong type of equipment. Tennis season has rolled around again. Which is a strange thing to say as technically you can play it all year round. But you would have to say that there is definitely a tennis season, and in Australia that happens…

Bike Fitting at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy

By Simon Davis

The basis of a bike fitting assessment at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy is to establish a position which enables you to cycle for a long time and frequently, whilst minimising the risk for injury. A large body of research indicates that bike set-up and pedaling technique can both significantly improve cycling performance and minimise the…

Kids Playing soccer

Are Kids Specialising in Sport Too Young? Early Sports Specialisation

By Jamie Clough

Are kids specialising in sport too early?  Working in a physiotherapy clinic in Gungahlin, Canberra means that I treat a lot of children and adolescents. Gungahlin is an excellent family-orientated part of town, and I enjoy getting to know a lot of families and have seen many children grow and develop through the years. Canberra’s…

training with pain & injury

How to Keep Training With Pain and Injury

By Jenna Cartwright

Have you wondered if you should keep training with pain and injury? Discover a few short exercise programs you can still do even if you are injured or in pain. What is Pain? This is an extremely loaded question! But… According to the International Association for the Study of Pain; pain is defined as an…