Love Your Feet: Best Foods for Foot Health

How Can Food Affect Your Foot Health?  Cecilia has written a great article over at Your Podiatry Canberra about the best foods for foot health. Here is a little snippet… There is a big distance between your mouth and feet but a strong relationship between poor diet and adverse foot health.  In this article, there…

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9 Tips to Relieve Tired Aching Feet  


Feet are often forgotten about until there is a problem such as being tired and achy at the end of the working day. Tired aching feet are reported more commonly in people that have to stand or walk long distances on hard ground for hours on end. Trades people are often coming into the clinic…

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Top 8 Tips When Buying Footy Boots

Football female stretching

Soccer, Football, AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Touch Footy, Tag20 & GridIron season is upon us.  For those of you that have dusted off last season’s gear and are thinking twice as to whether new footy boots are required, keep reading! For parents and guardians of young people who are about to start their season,…

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