How To Make Your Squats Better And Pain Free!

Barbell Back Squat Technique

  Squats is an area that requires a good base of knowledge and understanding.  Unfortunately it’s not an area that gets much (if any) decent attention to detail for such a common movement that is performed in everyday life, and at all ages. Firstly, this article is for individuals to; Understand proper technique and how…

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8 Best Stretches for Snowboarders


Here I’ll cover  8 best stretches for snowboarders to help you play on the slopes longer and avoid injuries. Snow bunnies unite! The season for getting some fresh powder is upon us. I am positive everyone in Canberra has noticed the start of the really cold weather and that the ski season has begun early…

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Snowboarding Injuries: Tips for How to Prevent Injuries this Winter

Tips to prevent snowboarding injuries

Are you looking to prevent snowboarding injuries this winter season? In previous years I’ve written articles about preventing skiing injuries. You can find them here and here . This time I’ll focus on the snowboarders.  More specifically the benefit of protective devices for injury prevention.  There are still some similarities with preventing ski injuries. Most people…

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Top 9 Holiday Tips to Optimise Your Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Dec 3 2021   Seasons greetings from all of us at Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy. Top 9 Holiday Tips to Optimise Your Health & Wellbeing Looking ahead to the busy holiday season, it is very easy to get out of your normal routine. The nature of Canberra whereby interstate travel is essential for many…

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Heading for tennis injuries because of your equipment?

Tennis equipment

Yes, you are more likely to have tennis injuries with the wrong type of equipment. Tennis season has rolled around again. Which is a strange thing to say as technically you can play it all year round. But you would have to say that there is definitely a tennis season, and in Australia that happens…

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