Top 8 Tips When Buying Footy Boots

Football female stretching

Soccer, Football, AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Touch Footy, Tag20 & GridIron season is upon us.  For those of you that have dusted off last season’s gear and are thinking twice as to whether new footy boots are required, keep reading! For parents and guardians of young people who are about to start their season,…

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Canberra 100 Wrap Up

Canberra 100

On Saturday 5th March, many brave souls walked and ran in 35 plus temperatures along the Canberra’s Centenary Trail. The event was the CBR100 where soloists and groups could walk or run 25kms/50kms/100kms. Our podiatrist, Cecilia Brennan, was on hand at check point #3 to help out with any lower limb injuries. This article is now…

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FREE 10 Minute Footy Boot Check!

FREE 10 minute footy boot check

It’s that time of year when the premier soccer league and junior soccer competitions are getting ready to hit the field in April and May. For the month of March we’re offering a FREE 10 Minute Assessment of your footy boots. Come in and see our podiatrist in the city practice. Prevent lower limb injuries and…

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My child has Sever’s Disease! What is it and how to treat it

Our October Foot Health month continues and in this latest post, we are going to explore sever’s disease and the best ways to correct it. You can also read a previous post on Sever’s Disease. With Canberra and Gungahlin being such a young and sporty community, the presence of adolescent-related injuries that our physiotherapists see in…

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