How to Fix Shin Splints or Shin Pain


Shin splints and shin pain is a common complaint we see at Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy. It is particularly common in distance runners but can occur in any running sports, e.g. basketball, football, netball, or even from boot-camps. Shin pain is characterised by pain in and around the tibia (shin bone) in the lower leg.…

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FREE 10 Minute Footy Boot Check!

FREE 10 minute footy boot check

It’s that time of year when the premier soccer league and junior soccer competitions are getting ready to hit the field in April and May. For the month of March we’re offering a FREE 10 Minute Assessment of your footy boots. Come in and see our podiatrist in the city practice. Prevent lower limb injuries and…

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Cecilia Brennan: Our Podiatrist in Canberra City


Good news for Canberra city, there is now a podiatrist centrally located in the Melbourne building and to celebrate I am offering a FREE 10 minute, no strings attached, podiatry pre-assessment to current and new clients.  My name is Cecilia Brennan and I’m a podiatrist who has just expanded my services into Civic. I work…

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