Best 10 Tips for Better Sleep

March 14 – 20 is Sleep Awareness Week, so I thought it was appropriate to talk about sleep,  how it affects your mind and body, and how to sleep better. Sleep is something most of us complain that we don’t get enough of. We all know that 8 hours is the magic number and that…

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Can Physiotherapy help your headaches?


Headaches and migraines are a serious burden for many people. I’ve had many occasions where I’m treating someone in the clinic for a completely different injury and they mention that they get frequent headaches. After asking a few questions we often have enough information to say “did you know that we can probably fix it?”.…

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13 Steps to the Ultimate Computer Workstation Setup

Standing Desk

If you are suffering from headaches, back ache, neck, wrist and/or shoulder pain it may have something to do with your posture and your workstation setup. Making small changes to your workstation setup can reduce or prevent injuries associated with sitting at your desk. With further technological advances, people are using computer workstations more frequently…

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