Bike Fitting Explained: Do You Need a Bike Fit?

Simon physiotherapist bike fitting measuring canberra city and gungahlin clinics

So you’ve heard of bike fitting but wondered to yourself, do you need a bike fit? Bike fits have become far more common in the general population. When I started doing them in 2011, the average cyclist really only wanted one if they had severe pain issues on their bike. These days, I get cyclists…

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Bike Fitting at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy

The basis of a bike fitting assessment at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy is to establish a position which enables you to cycle for a long time and frequently, whilst minimising the risk for injury. A large body of research indicates that bike set-up and pedaling technique can both significantly improve cycling performance and minimise the…

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7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Longer Bike Rides

long bike rides

Wanting a longer bike ride, now that winter is over? Unfortunately spring here in Australia means we move straight into magpie season! It’s not the best time for cyclists.  However there are a few big events coming up and it’s time to start some serious training. If you are anything like me, you have been…

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