Bike Fitting at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy

The basis of a bike fitting assessment at Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy is to establish a position which enables you to cycle for a long time and frequently, whilst minimising the risk for injury. A large body of research indicates that bike set-up and pedaling technique can both significantly improve cycling performance and minimise the risk of repetitive strain injuries. A bike fit by a physiotherapist is optimal – we can fit your body to the bike as much as the bike to your body!

Why get a bike fit with us?

  • Shoes and Orthotics: Any foot dysfunction that leads to poor pedaling technique and possible injury can be corrected with appropriate cycling shoes recommended by our podiatrist, and with our custom-made orthotics.
  • Compensation shims: We can accommodate leg length discrepancies with flexible CNC machined compensation shims for road cyclists that suit most pedal types. We also provide our very own durable compensation shims for mountain bike shoes and cleats.
  • Experience: Our physiotherapists and podiatrists cycle for sport themselves and we have performed bike fitting assessments for many cyclists from Canberra, from World Cup stars to weekend warriors.
  • Knowledge: Our bike fitting physio has studied bike positioning, pedaling technique, cleat design and their relationship to knee and back pain whilst cycling as a research project at Sydney University.
  • Videography: We video your riding position before and after the bike fitting to ensure we have improved your position and your pedaling technique.
  • Pedaling Technique: We will improve your pedaling action by showing you proper technique along with some pedaling drills.
  • Frame fit: If we need to modify or change any existing parts to your bike, we have a close relationship with local bike shops that you can trial these parts to ensure your new position is comfortable and more efficient.
  • Report: We will provide a report to you in an easy to understand format – your static and dynamic biomechanical assessment findings; the correction strategies (including any prescriptive exercises) for any identified biomechanical problems; training programme recommendations; pedaling technique faults; and any recommended pedaling drills. Furthermore, your final ideal bike position geometry is measured and noted for you, meaning you may be able set yourself up on any new bikes you purchase in the future.


What to bring?

  • Your bike in good mechanical order. Ensure all seat post and stem screws are rust free and can be easily loosened for any adjustments (if they are not, please exchange for new screws prior to your fitting).
  • Cycling shoes. Ensure that all cleat screws are clean and free of mud and dirt. Ensure that your cleats can be easily loosened and adjusted (if they are stiff try applying lubricants like WD-40 and then try to loosen).
  • Any orthotics (old and new)
  • Your normal cycling clothing and socks
  • Cycling knicks (note: shorts are better than bibs for our assessment and marking your boney landmarks)

Please attend to each of these items to allow as much time as possible to devote to you and your bike fit. Allow 2.5-3 hours for fitting one bike and 3-3.5 hours for fitting 2 bikes.

About Simon Davis

Simon graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) in 2007. He spent several years working on the far south coast of NSW and enjoying seasonal physiotherapy work at Jindabyne treating ski injuries during the snow season. Simon also specialises in Bike Fitting, and has been involved in bike fits for some prominent cyclists including Ben Henderson and Dylan Cooper.