How to Improve Your Golf Swing Without Hitting a Ball!

Improve Your Golf Swing

Are you looking to improve your golf swing? In this article, I’ll outline various exercises you can easily do at home that will help with your golf swing. Golf is a very difficult sport. Many suggest that it’s a great way to ruin a good walk. However, for those of us that take some perverse…

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Tightness vs Stiffness – Understanding the difference

Beat back pain

Do you suffer from muscle tightness or stiffness? Let’s find out the difference between muscle tightness and muscle stiffness. Fixing the problem once and for all is naturally the focus. However, we need to delve deeper than this to truly understand the problem. “My back is as stiff as a board.” “This part of my…

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Kayaking vs Stand up Paddle Boarding for core fitness

Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle boarding are both great ways to enjoy the summer and now that summer is here it’s time to get out on the water! Are you bored of the repetition of the gym and need some fresh air? The lake in Canberra is becoming more user friendly. So, you are primed…

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