What are the Best Running Shoes for Your Feet?

running shoes

What are the best running shoes for your feet? In the last 15 years, there has been a huge increase in the variety of running shoes. However, with extra choice comes more decision making. How do you know which shoe is best for you? I’ll attempt to explain the different attributes of various running shoes,…

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5 Tips to Speed Up Your Recovery During Soccer Pre-Season

Soccer injury main

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve realised you haven’t done as much preparation for pre-season as you’d hoped and unsurprisingly, your weekday mornings are made up of aches, pains and muscle soreness. So how can you make the pre-season much more manageable? What’s best for recovery during soccer pre-season? Recovery during soccer pre-season…

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How To Make Your Squats Better And Pain Free!

Barbell Back Squat Technique

  Squats is an area that requires a good base of knowledge and understanding.  Unfortunately it’s not an area that gets much (if any) decent attention to detail for such a common movement that is performed in everyday life, and at all ages. Firstly, this article is for individuals to; Understand proper technique and how…

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