Best 10 Tips for Better Sleep

March 14 – 20 is Sleep Awareness Week, so I thought it was appropriate to talk about sleep,  how it affects your mind and body, and how to sleep better. Sleep is something most of us complain that we don’t get enough of. We all know that 8 hours is the magic number and that…

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Neck Pain in office workers


Do you spend hours sitting at a desk? Have you noticed an annoying niggle in the neck that wont go away? If you answered YES to the above questions then continue to read to find out how you can prevent and/or manage neck pain at work. Did you know that by doing regular neck stretches…

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Tightness vs Stiffness – Understanding the difference

Beat back pain

Do you suffer from muscle tightness or stiffness? Let’s find out the difference between muscle tightness and muscle stiffness. Fixing the problem once and for all is naturally the focus. However, we need to delve deeper than this to truly understand the problem. “My back is as stiff as a board.” “This part of my…

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