Top 7 Isometric Exercises and Why We Should all be Doing Them!

Plank on swissball isometric exercise

Isometric exercise refers to an exercise that uses an static muscle contraction. This means that the muscle group being worked is under tension and producing a contraction but the muscle doesn’t change length. Therefore the joints involved do not move. Some actions within a wide variety of sports require isometric or static strength. Examples include…

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7 Swiss Ball Exercises You Need to Know for Core Strength

Exercise during pregnancy

November is Swiss ball month at Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy. You can purchase this product in our City or Gungahlin practice and get 10% off the normal recommended retail price. As a part of Swiss ball month, the following 7 exercises that you need to be performing to get those core muscles switched on, those…

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5 compelling reasons for using a sit-stand desk.

Standing Desk

In a previous article we discussed the benefits of having your workstation correctly set up  to minimise the risk of workplace injury due to poor posture and repetitive physical stress. While correct sitting posture is beneficial, sitting all day is not. In this article I’ll be covering the following 5 compelling reasons to start using…

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Dancers: How to Fix a Clicking Hip – Snapping Hip Syndrome

Ballet Dancer

At Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy we treat young dancers from the local Gungahlin community and beyond. We have dancers from as far as Junee who come and have assessments and treatment for their dance-related injuries. A common complaint is the hip that clicks and this is known as Snapping Hip Syndrome. These clicks and other…

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