Cricketers: How to Stop Low Back Pain

Cricket bat

Cricket season is upon us! Finally we are out of the perils of the Canberra winter! For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to be paid to chase the red leather around and haven’t had a good winter to get ready – it is time (if not past time) to start preparing the body…

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Continuing Education: Thoracic Spine

CE- Physiotherapy Thoracic Spine

Physiotherapy for the Thoracic Spine My first ever day in Wollongong was spent at Phyxit Physio & Injury Clinic, where I attended a one day course titled Thoracic Spine in Sport. Dr Henry Wajswelner, who is a specialist sports physiotherapist, former AIS and Australian Olympic team physiotherapist, presented the course. We had an in-depth review…

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Continuing Education: Physiotherapy Sports Level 1

CE- Sports Physio

Sports Physiotherapy Level 1: A lovely weekend was spent at the University of Canberra for the Sports level 1 course run by the Australian Sports Physiotherapy Association. There were a range of topics presented on, starting with an update of on-field sports injury assessment and spinal injury management – presented by current Brumbies physiotherapist Byron…

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