Is hydrotherapy right for you?

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First you have to ask yourself, what is hydrotherapy? In the most basic sense of the word, hydrotherapy is supervised exercise in a heated pool. It combines the benefits of a non-weight bearing environment with the relaxation of warm water. This combination helps improve function of the body and mind. Therefore, hydrotherapy is tremendous for general fitness or to aid in the…

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Top 10 Nutrients to Heal Your Body

Wellness Nutrition for optimal health

When we sustain an injury, be it chronic or acute, our body activates it’s inflammatory process which produces the symptoms of pain and swelling. These are essential steps to the healing process but we can take steps to minimise the chance of the injury (and therefore the pain) becoming chronic. Along with proactive physiotherapy and…

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5 Tips for Pelvic Floor Health

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The pelvic floor is an important group of muscles that support your bladder and bowel within the pelvis. For females the pelvic floor is particularly important for supporting the uterus and should be a priority after childbirth. Take a look at our Pre & Post natal physiotherapy services.There are five things males and females should…

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Continuing Education: Pilates MatWork


I recently attended a mat-work Pilates course in Sydney in order to gain more knowledge and progress into teaching here at Sport & Spinal. Pilates has been an interest of mine since I was introduced into yoga. I received so many benefits from yoga in my flexibility and strength that I became curious about what…

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