At Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy, we follow our unique ‘phase-based rehab system’ to ensure all aspects of an optimal physio, podiatry, massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, bike fitting, running assessment, and gym rehabilitation service are followed for effective results to all our clients from the Gungahlin region and the wider Canberra community.

The majority of conditions will be pain free with full function in 6-8 sessions. More complex conditions can take longer. We always aim to fully resolve your injury in the fastest time possible. Following our unique ‘phase-based rehab system’ ensures that the primary cause of your pain is corrected and you receive a lasting solution to your problem.
Physiotherapy & massage treatment tables

Your initial consult

On your first visit we will with confidence give you an accurate diagnosis of your problem, which directs the most effective care for you. We will explain the risk factors that have contributed to your injury and develop a customised treatment plan to address these risk factors. The diagnosis, risk factors and treatment plan are written down for you in an easy-to-understand format so that you fully understand your diagnosis and the recovery plan.

At your initial consultation, you will also be given an expected timeframe for completion of your therapy following our system. At each follow-up consultation, we reassess your injury to ensure improvement gains are within this timeframe. In the unlikely event that the timeframe is not met, we will refer you to other health professionals not limiting further investigations, medications or modalities. We will not continue to treat without results.

Follow up care

After your initial consultation, your therapist will contact you by phone within one business day after the consult. This is a courteous call to make sure you fully understand your diagnosis and the recommended treatment plan. Your therapist will also follow up on your exercises and any advice given.

If at any stage along the process you have any concerns about your injury or management, please contact your therapist immediately to discuss. We would rather know of any exacerbating circumstances straight away rather than at your next consult. This way we can maintain progress towards fixing your problem.


Sports professionals often speak of doing the 1% things correctly in becoming a champion. With your treatment, you too can do the small things that help in your recovery. In reference to this, we will always provide you with relevant advice on:

  • medications or supplements to assist healing
  • any aides or braces
  • ice or heat therapy
  • sleeping position
  • correct technique for tasks
  • restrictions on any activities
  • cross-training activities to maintain fitness


Having such a comprehensive list of services delivered with care means you can be assured that we will select the services that delivers the best outcome in the shortest time period in the most cost-effective manner. The treatment is always about you – providing quality treatment to get the best result.

Your treatment time is dedicated to you. We value your time – and for this reason we ensure that your time spent at the clinic is utilised to full effect. All treatment is based on the latest evidence for best care. At no stage do we provide treatment that has been scientifically proven to have no effect.

We are a hands-on treatment clinic. We use our hands to mobilise and manipulate stiff joints and massage tight muscles. Nearly all injuries benefit from some hands-on treatment to guide healing.

Exercise Prescription

At nearly every consultation we will give you homework by giving you exercises to assist in the recovery of your injury. We will provide a handout with a full description of correct technique of any exercises given, along with an indication of exercise duration, intensity and frequency. At the end of each consultation, you will also practise the new exercise before you leave the clinic to ensure that you are performing the exercise correctly. The exercise handout and the clinic practise session helps reduce errors in exercise performance at home meaning you get the most out of each consultation.


Towards the end of the ‘phase-based rehab system’ your therapist will instruct you on strategies (including exercises) you will need after you leave our care to prevent your injury from reoccurring. Just to make sure you stay on track we offer follow up assessments to check that you are performing your exercises correctly and that some of the risk factors we eliminated before are not creeping back.

“Our approach will give you the tools to look after your health long after you leave our care.”