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Your Podiatry Canberra

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Your Podiatry Canberra is co-located with Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy at Gungahlin & City West. We're your one-stop location in Canberra for dealing with lower limb biomechanical problems and injuries.

Our sports podiatrists correct any lower limb alignment problems whilst the physios work on your muscles and joints. This means we offer a complete solution. We will fix the cause of your problem and not just look at your symptoms - this is a real solution and not just a band-aid solution. As part of our biomechanical approach to lower limb injuries we provide podiatry services in orthotic therapy, footwear advice, foot mobilisation and dry needling.


Podiatry podiatrist canberra city and gungahlin

Your Podiatry Canberra also provides general podiatry care in dealing with nail and skin conditions including nail surgeries and perform diabetes foot risk assessments using Doppler ultrasound.

At Your Podiatry Canberra, our sports and general care podiatrists work with clients from Gungahlin, Canberra City, and the wider Canberra community on a wide range of injuries and disorders including:

  • poor foot/ankle biomechanics
  • heel pain
  • arch pain
  • metatarsal (toe) pain
  • bunions
  • achilles tendon pain
  • shin pain
  • anterior knee pain
  • iliotibial band pain
  • pelvis pain
  • lower limb arthritis joint pain
  • low back pain
  • hip pain
  • dry cracked skin
  • corns
  • calluses
  • warts
  • foot ulcers
  • diabetic management
  • nail conditions (ingrown or thick)


podiatrist walking and gait assessments

Biomechanical Analysis

On your first visit, your podiatrist will assess foot function, lower limb alignment and gait patterns to determine an accurate diagnosis to your problem and establish a tailored treatment plan with input from yourself in the decision making to ensure we address your biggest concerns. In most cases, your podiatrist will assess your gait pattern (walking or running) visually or via the use of video if necessary for more complex patterns.

Children’s Feet

Foot and ankle dysfunction in children can lead to more complex foot and leg problems later in life if not attended to early and thus children’s feet are of special concern to our podiatrists. We deal with all types of children’s feet problems such as:

  • in-toed or out-toed gait
  • knock knees or bow legs
  • constant tripping
  • excessive shoe wear
  • flat feet


Orthotic Therapy

Orthotics are specially designed devices that are worn inside the shoe to control abnormal foot function, improve lower limb alignment and help eliminate painful symptoms. For complex foot problems, our podiatrists may recommend a custom-made orthotic (usually with a thermplastic material) made in a laboratory from a plaster cast moulding or a 3D scan of your foot. For less complex problems, we have a range of heat-moulded orthotics that may suffice. Making quality orthotics takes year of experience and in many ways is considered an artform. Our podiatrists have these skills and can supply quality orthotics to suit your needs.

All of our orthotics are supplied with a full length cover meaning you get an ideal fit that doesn’t move around in the shoe. Your feet are like no other and this is why our orthotics are all custom made to fit your particular foot type.


Orthotics Guarantee

Orthotics are designed to alter lower limb alignment and as such it is not unusual to experience some mild discomfort for a few weeks as your body adapts to its new position. However, if your orthotics are unduly uncomfortable and we have modified your orthotics many times without relief, then we will discard these orthotics and replace them with a new pair for FREE minus any laboratory fees.


Footwear Advice

Abnormal shoe wear may indicate abnormal foot function. At Sport & Spinal Physiotherapy we can provide you with an evaluation of your current footwear (sport and dress). If required, we can prescribe a shoe type and its unique qualities to match your foot type, which can help reduce any symptoms and prevent further problems.


General Footcare

We can treat all types of skin lesions (including corns, calluses, plantar warts and blisters) and nail deformities. We maintain high standards in infection control by individually cleaning and sterilising all instruments after use.


Why see us for podiatry

  • We listen to what you want
  • We are the only clinic in Canberra to have podiatry and physio at the one location
  • A combination of physio and podiatry often provides the best outcome for a lower limb injury
  • Our podiatrists are experienced with all types of problems with the feet
  • We can provide general footcare treatment for all types of nail and skin conditions
  • Our podiatrists are experienced in treating acute and chronic foot injuries
  • We only supply quality customised orthotics
  • We supply full length orthotics for a better fit
  • We are experienced with supplying orthotics for many national sporting teams
  • We understand injury pathology and lower limb biomechanics